Friday, February 28, 2014

Purex Insiders: Crystals Mountain Breeze & Dial Body Wash

Laundry and I...we don't get a long too well. I know that things would be different if I had a bigger place to live in, maybe our own house, and MAYBE with our own washer and dryer, but since my apartment complex was built in the 60's, it requires me to fully suit up (because it's Winter after all) and drag loads of laundry OUTSIDE and down some stairs to do it. So, can you understand my lack of love for wanting to do it?

Well.. besides my motherly duty of making sure things look decent around here (I'm not very good at it, I will admit) our family was hit with the flu this week starting with my son. I awoke on Tuesday morning to noises coming from his bedroom as I was getting ready for work. Puking noises. Upon opening the door my nostrils were hit with that odor that is only associated with vomit. It was pretty much everywhere in his crib, but I will stop there and spare you the details of how I was late for work, got puke all over myself, and threw everything in a bag to be later tended to.

Later tended to really meant... 3 or 4 days later... SO imagine the happiness and relief I felt when I remembered that I was given THIS to try out for FREE from Purex Insiders:

Their NEW Fresh Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals. I have always been a fan of these Crystals and so this could not have been a better time to add some freshness to some soiled clothing.

Just opening the container released a scent that made you think of summer or Spring. Spring, something I've been waiting patiently for. Especially after this brutally cold winter we have experienced here in Wisconsin.

Of course, the process to use these were super simple (although I fumbled with trying to get the cap back on, anyone else?) and the end result was great smelling (puke free) clothes. I hope that Purex comes out with more scents, because I would certainly be thrilled to purchase them!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Purex Insiders who provided me with this sample of Purex Crystals in exchange for my honest opinion.

Dial Body Wash Review

Secondly, I was also sent a full size sample of Dial's NEW Vitamin Boost Body Wash. When pop the top open to get a good whiff, I'm in heaven. I am TERRIBLE at explaining to anyone "what that smell" is, but judging by the front of the container, it must be a kiwi sent that I smell. Something I feel is pretty unique, or atleast to me, because I haven't had a body wash with kiwi in it. I really do love when new scents are incorporated into body washes and soaps. It's a nice change from your typical fresh shower scents, you know? The main thing I look at it when it comes to a body wash is the scent and the lathering ability! This lathered good and we already know how much I like the scent! ;)

Once again, thank you Purex Insiders!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I don't really know what to do with you. I don't love you, but I like you enough to keep trying to make it work no matter how discouraged I become. I don't really know the right direction to go with you - reviews? Thoughts? Mommy experiences? I'm kind of weirded out with the idea of splashing pictures of my son all over the internet (not that I don't on Facebook - ha), and I just don't know if I have much to say yet, or maybe it's just that I'm too shy to say it... or MAYBE I just feel like I'm a toothpick in a field of hay and nothing makes me special. Hmmm. What to do, what to do...