Monday, June 24, 2013

Freebies: June 17-23rd!

This is my 3rd box from Influenster. Out of the four items, I'm really only excited to try out two - the nail polish and BB Cream. I've never tried Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream and apparently this Sinful Color nailpolish is new. The hair goody band thingies seem weird to me, and I don't wear high heels. Plus, I just had a campaign from BzzAgent with Dr. Scholls and sadly they didn't help my sore feet. Oh well, I'm still VERY happy to have gotten chosen! ;) Hopefully I will have a review soon of all the items!

The Charmin roll came from some Spanish freebie site, because I remember having to use Google Translator! Besides the free roll, I got some coupons, (2) $1 off coupons and a very high value $3 off any Charmin product! Yippee!

For animals there is the Mintie's dog treats (with coupons), and the little pouch of dog food. Both were offers on their Facebook pages! Then there is the little packet of Olive Oil plus a coupon and the coupon that says FREE (and may be too hard to read) is for a box of Wheat Thins. This was from their Flavor Protection Plan which was esentially stage one. I'm waiting on my stage three goodies from them!

- Keep Calm cards (8)
- Sheba cat sample from
- 2 Gevalia coffee samples from 2 seperate sources
- Coupons for GoPicnic products (LOVE them!)
- P&G sampler pack that included one Always Infinity pad, Glide floss and some coupons.
- Nexcare bandages and coupon was from their Facebook page
-The Kotex tampons was from Pop Sugar Sample Squad - it came so fast!
-John Frieda shampoo & conditioner samples from
-BBQ sauce from Marlboro
-$100 in Marcus Theater coupons from a program that is no longer active, but wanted to send those involved a little thank you!
-Yummy Health Starter Kit from their website. I was not expecting the Chocolate Blast bar to be SOOOO good. The pizza chips however were NOT good, but seriously that Chocolate bar! YUM!

- One coloring book and one activity book
- Berenstein Bear book from Pinecone Research
-Seventh Generation was so generous when it came to sending out samples!
- Boogie Wipes does a monthly drawing for a 'Save the Sleave' club (or something?) and you never know if you win until it shows up in your mailbox! Surprise!

Such a great week! All this in 6 days!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Freebies - Week of June 3-16th

Things are really starting to come in and I am pretty positive my mail man hates me now. Here's a rundown of the 2nd picture:

- Poise samples (I donate these)
- U by Kotex sample packs which I got 2
- Seventh Generation samples that were on
- The sensitive arm & hammer toothpaste was from Smiley360. This was the sample that I could share with others!
- The weird lighter/bottle opener was from Grizzly Chewing Tabacco
-The Mio Fit water enhancers were from their twitter page
-The Taster's Choice coffee samples come in 6 different flavors
-The GuD sample also came with a coupon
-Quit Smoking Tea (Yeah..)
-The Jiffy Recipe book is still free out there and I should be getting another one with 4 boxes of Jiffy Mixes
-Gooseberry Recipe book has a bunch of recipes (duh!)
-The travel size Contact Bio Life solution is still available!
-The huge Clif Body Builder's bar was from somewhere - probably their Facebook page!

It's only Monday and I already received about 6 freebies in the mail! YAY! ;)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freebies! May 26 - June 2nd!

Just like last year, CVS's MinuteClinic was giving away a coupon for FREE CVS Brand Body wash! Value: $4.00 
I got the Fancy Feast off of their Facebook page and also came with some coupons! I can't remember where I got the Cascadian Farms sample from! Cute little box though! ;)

The Dr. Scholls Gel Insoles are from my newest BzzAgent campaign. I'm pretty excited to try these out as I have never worn them before or anything in my shoes and it's really perfect timing since my feet have been killing me lately (for some reason?). It also came with 8 $4.00 off coupons!

The Ovaltine, I have gotten before but never actually got around to try, but this time I hope to make it a point to check it out. I love chocolate milk!
The Scents garbage bags (Vanilla scented) came from their Facebook page - I love scented garbage bags!

The dog leash and pedometer I feel like was from some dog food company off their Facebook page. I know I should be better at remembering my freebies, that's why I have begun to write them down. Not that it would matter because by the time I post a new freebie entry, they are most likely not available anymore, but it allows me to not have to constantly say "I can't remember.."
This free product coupon is for a John Frieda Shampoo or Conditioner Product with a max value of $6.99! Rad!