Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: The Killing Secret (1998)

Lifetime-y Tagline: Some secrets should not be kept.

Starring (A.k.A. Who You May Know): Soleil Moon Frye plays Emily, the "other woman," the poor girl from the wrong side of tracks, the one who gets pregnant and murdered. besides her I don't really know anyone else from the movie without doing some research.You know Soleil from Punky Brewster and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Tess Harper who plays Emily's mother, Tina is apparently still around and has acted as recently as 2011 in Revenge, and other shows like Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, and Law & Order.

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Cheating boyfriends kills to keep his affair a secret.

The plot: **CONTAINS SPOILERS (scroll down if you would rather watch it)**We meet Nicole and Greg, high school's perfect couple. She a cheerleader and he is a star football player, of course! They have their futures all set, they are both going to graduate high school and go to the same college together and live happily ever after. That is until we find out that Greg is too timing Nicole with Emily who unlike him, is poor and from the "wrong side of the tracks." Minutes into the movie we find out that Emily has a surprise for Greg that she's pregnant with his baby (because she's never been with anyone else, duh!) and instead of being happy about it, Greg offers to pay for the abortion. No matter how many times that Emily says it, Greg just can't seem to understand that Emily isn't getting rid of this baby and is desperate for them to be together and she really wants to meet his family. Greg has other plans though and ends up murdering her to keep this little secret...a secret. Nicole becomes buddy buddy with Emily's mom, Tina and starts to suspect that Greg was the one who murdered Emily. BUT WAIT, there is a twist, because out of nowhere they arrest this crazy dude who is obsessed with Emily or something and that's the end of that. Until Nicole starts piecing things together (the jammed door, the flower button that they focused really heavily on, and the bloody lamp shade) and tries to go prove that it was Greg who is the murder. Greg senses that Nicole is on to him and meets her at the place where they went to "be alone." He almost kills her, but due to his powerful love for her...just...can' it and he is sentenced to jail.

Watch it NOW:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Freebies for April 14-21!

'Twas a pretty good week!

A collection of freebies from Swaggable, Target, Pop Sugar Sample Squad, Smiley360, Tide and Nivea.

Target was giving away a free reusable bag in honor of Earth Day and my bag included a booklet of coupons (totaling $40 worth) and samples from Annie's, Method, Burt's Bee's, and Seventh Generation. I think this is awesome of Target to do and while the samples are tiny, I really can't complain because it's free and they didn't have to do it in the first place!

I contacted Nivea (don't remember how long ago) about receiving samples and/or coupons because I really enjoyed their lip balm (it's always nice to throw companies a compliment when asking for samples!) and they sent a generous amount of coupons (9 total!) and 4 samples of lotion and body wash!

Next up, the full-size Dove sample of Body Wash came from Pop Sugar Sample Squad. This program is weird because you have to be super quick to sign up to sample whatever they are offering up and even if you happen to make it in time before they close the sign up, you never really know if you are going to get it. So I was surprised to find a huge package with this in it! I'm excited to try this 24 fl. oz sample out because I love Dove products and it smells great!

The Arm & Hammer toothpaste is from a mission I qualified for from Smiley360! This was a good week for me and Smiley360 as I am now in 4 total missions - all of them are medicine missions, but hey, whatever! ;)

And finally, the Go Go Squeez's Applesauce was from Swaggable. This is my second product test from them and this was super yummy!! Of course, I have had something very similar to this product before so I wasn't shocked that I enjoyed it so much!

(Roughly estimated) Values of Samples:
Go-Go Squeez Applesauce: $.80
Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste: $4.50
Dove Body Wash: $5.24 

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 2013 Bluum Box - Smiley Baby!

This is my second box from Bluum since they made a bunch of changes and I am once again happy with this box's contents! I had a membership before their changes and wasn't impressed and was ultimately pretty bummed, because I wanted a baby/mom box to subscribe to. I canceled but then resubscribed after they sent me an email showing what the contents were in that month's box! It had awesome products and even better value!

Having an almost 3 month baby, I received the Smiley Baby box and here's what came inside:

The total value of this box is $61 and having paid $25 for this box makes this a great value! I don't know how much I'll use the pacifier holder, but it's still cute. I've never used many products on my feet, because it's just not a high priority, but since I have a foot scrub now in my hands I could see it being used. Luna bars are hit and miss with me and I can't remember if I have had this flavor, so I will definitely be giving this a try! I dig the elephant plush toy, but for now it's really just decoration in my house. The flash cards seem like a fun thing and I have already engaged Truman with them, which he seems to like.

I hope Blumm continues with the great boxes and doesn't fall like some subscriptions I've belonged to! ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: A Friend's Betrayal (1996)

Also known as...
Lifetime-y Tagline: She wanted everything: freedom, friendship and her best friend's teenage son.


Starring (aka Who You May Know): Brian Austin Green who played David from Beverly Hills, 90210 is Paul, the 18-year-old kid who falls for his mother's friend, Nina. Nina is played by Sharon Lawrence who was on NYPD Blue for six years. That chubby girl from Now and Then who actually died in 2007: Ashleigh Aston Moore plays Paul's sister, Ella.

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Older woman + Teen Boy

The plot: It was hard to stay involved in this one. For a Lifetime movie it was pretty boring! Nina's mother dies. She leans on her friend with the hot son. Immediately, you can tell that they are going to bone at some point in the movie (well, duh, that's the movie...), but I was surprised that it took a half hour into the movie (it really felt like hours since it's soooooooooooo slow). Eventually the mother finds out. Hell breaks loose. There is tension for awhile, Paul moves out. The movie ends with Nina breaking things off with Paul and moving away. All is well...


What the...? I don't really see that big of a deal when it comes to the whole affair. Sure, he's a little young for her, and sure, she's his mother's best friend, but the relationship is consenual and he is an adult. Did we really need a whole two hour movie about this? Atleast have someone get murdered at the end...sheesh! 

The REAL Lifetime Story: I am sure that 18-year-olds sleep with their mother's friends all the time... eh... right? 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BzzzAgent: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream

My experiences with BB Cream aren't that extensive. I took a gamble and randomly chose Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream one night and was content with it. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but I really just was settling. My second experience with BB Cream came when I was accepted into a 10-week product testing study for Loreal. Each week I had to try a BB cream and complete a questionnaire after 3 days of usage. It was pretty interesting. Some were way too fragranced, too thick, and then the last couple were what I look for in a BB cream - good coverage, the way it feels on my face, and fragrance. Then, I ended up getting accepted into the BzzAgent campaign for the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream. Before I even used it, I was feeling a little skeptical. Why? Because when I think of Garnier I think of hair products. However, after using it for the first time I discovered I was really happy with this product!

Before & After

My only complaint would be that it does seem a tad bit too thin. However, I was surprised that it still had great coverage. I liked it so much that I would probably replace this BB cream with my Maybelline BB cream. And although the Before and After photos below don't show it too well, I will post the difference, not to mention that. I am so happy that I was able to product test this!


Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent through the website BzzAgent, I am asked to test, review and spread the 'bzz' about certain products; this is my honest opinion.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday & Saturday Freebies!

Friday (April 5th), I received the Excedrin with 24 capsules. I got this from their Facebook page simply by liking them and filling out a form. They were actually giving away a total of 10,000 freebies so this one was pretty easy to get.

Saturday (April 6th), I received the L&M Cigarette Travel Mug. I would probably never use it, but my boyfriend would.

I also was surprised to receive this 2 fl oz Woolite laundry detergent sample plus $3 off coupon with my order from Modcloth! It's the little things!

Excedrin value: $1.60
Travel Mug value: $6.99
Woolite sample value: $.32

Freebies TOTAL savings: $8.91

Friday, April 5, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: Twisted Desire (1996)

Lifetime-y Tagline: Nothing can come between a girl and her true love...except maybe murder.

Starring (aka: famous people you may know): Melissa Joan Hart as the naughty, manipulative Jennifer. Daniel Baldwin as Jennifer's controlling, dickhead of a dad. David Lascher as the boy that Jennifer desires to be with. FUN FACT: David has connections with Melissa Joan Hart during her future Sabrina, the Teenage Witch days, too! Oh, and he was in Hey Dude! 

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Daughter kills parents to be with boyfriend. 

Plot: Jennifer has parents - mainly her dad - who doesn't let her do anything -  won't let her go to parties, dress in skimpy clothes, see her friends, etc, basically "ruining her life." Her mother doesn't seem to be too bad, but apparently isn't strong enough to stand up to the dad's controlling ways. Jennifer meets this kid at a gas station and immediately sees him as a way to get what she wants. What does she want? To be with Brad and be rid of her parents. So... the best way to do that of course is to seduce gas station boy and convince him to kill her parents! CLEARLY! She throws in some accusations and a few "its the only way we can be together" and gas station boy does just that. Immediately after the death of her parents, Jennifer's true colors start to show. Surprisingly, Melissa Joan Hart plays bad really well. I never would have thought so since she is most known for being sweet Clarissa and Sabrina! In the end, the audience is able to see how well this Jennifer character set gas station boy up since the very beginning which makes you want to slap her in the face even more! 

The REAL Lifetime story: Apparently this movie was based on the 1990 murders of 14-year-old Jessica Wiseman's parents. The murderer and Jessica's boyfriend in this story was Douglas Christopher Thomas who was put to death by lethal injection in 2000. Jessica was tried as a juvenile and was released at the age of 21.

There's another story that sticks out too, however, occurred in 2003, but has been featured on shows such as Snapped and Deadly Women. That involved Sarah Johnson, 16, who murdered her parents because they disapproved of her relationship with her 19-year-old boyfriend. She was sentenced to two consecutive life terms, plus fifteen for firearm enhancement.