Thursday, October 9, 2014

Send Me Gluten Free Box Review + Giveaway!

Send me Gluten Free was created for the people of the Gluten Free community who were looking for new products to try that fit their diet needs. While I am not someone who considers themselves to be, 'Gluten Free' I love snacks and trying new brands, and a lot of the times the snacks marked 'Gluten Free' taste great and you can't even tell they have that stamp of GF on there (if that makes sense).

About this monthly subscription:

  • Each month you'll get 8-12 new gluten free products! 
  • Some products will be full-sized and others may be sample sized! 
  • Contents of the box aren't just food based, they can range from food to personal care products to household hold items. All products that support you GF lifestyle!
  • Cost is $30 per month if you purchase month to month! 
  • Sign up for a yearly subscription and the boxes come down to $20/month (other options available).

With that being said - here's what came in October's box:

1. Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Chips (Sea Salt) $3.49
2. YogaVive Apple Chips (Chocolate) $4.49
3. I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Cluster (Chocolate Sea Salt) $1.50
4. NoGii Paleo Bar (Nuts About Berries) $2.42
5. Coupon for ONE FREE Conte's Pasta GF Product $10.00
6. Nature's Path Organic Granola Bar (Dark Chocolate Chip) $.88
7. Kemnitz Family Kitchen Sample Pack - Couldn't find a value!
8. Primal Pit Paste - $3.95
9. Bonne Maman Preserves (Strawberry) - $.50
10. Country Life CoEnzyme B-Complex Caps & Button - Couldn't find a value!
11. Redd Remedies Supplement - Couldn't find a value!

So, with my research and checking the values of each item (some I couldn't find) the total of the box came to: $27.23!

So with that said with this first box, it doesn't quite equal up to the value of how much you would be paying per month! However, if you purchased a year subscription, the value would be better! 

In my opinion, the price per box is quite high. Maybe it's a better value for someone who is actually GF and may find it difficult to find products that fit their lifestyle. As far as new brands, the only two brands I already knew were Bonne Maman and I Heart Keenwah Quinoa. I may have gotten these in my Love with Food boxes, not really sure. One of my favorite things about these kind of boxes is discovering new brands, so if that's all you care about this is def a great box to explore! 

Sign up here: and use coupon code BLOG20 at checkout to get 20%!

OR, even better - enter my giveaway down below to win November's box!! 

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