Monday, September 23, 2013

Mailbox Freebies - September 14-September 21st

I've been slacking with the freebie posting, I was out of a town due to a death in the family for a whole week, which throws you off your Freebie game, but I have been getting some pretty amazing ones these past couple weeks, so this post is just reflecting last weeks! ;)

I will say that this was just TWO days of one week! It was just a fun day opening freebie gifts in the mail that I needed to snap a pic! My YEARS supply of BB Cream finally came! My amazing Lash Bash party pack which you got to see in more depth in the last post, a Purex Insider goodie. The Loreal moisturizer was a gift from them just because I allowed them to stalk my Pinterest, and the Berry keeper was from Reddi-Whip, and then there is sunscreen lotion, and a product test!

Speaking of product test, I have been getting some great ones! Just this past week I have done a face primer, I received a whole package of a Pampers diapers, a foundation from Maybelline, and now some perfume from Escada. It's so fun and I actually got my very first money compensation from a diaper product test of $50!

Anyways, on to the most recent freebies:

And it's been pretty exciting with freebie hunting this past week, so can't wait to get everything! ;)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ipsy & Benefit Cosmetic Lash Bash Party!

I was one of the lucky 1,020 selected to host this fun party and was so excited! I don't know how they selected me over everyone else, but I made it a point to be very active on Twitter - sharing my excitement and all that! Almost daily! I don't know if that was a factor but I like to think it was! ;)

Anyways, I was soooooooooooo excited to get the package today and although I had did a little peek from somewhere on the internet there was still excitement and surprise when it actually got to me!

Up first are all the goodies that I got for being selected as the host! ;)

As you can see this value was AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! 
$193!!! COMPLETELY FREE!! Thank you to Ipsy & Benefit Cosmetics! 

What my guests get will be posted soon...