Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 22 -27th!

The Gatorade Hydration Pack has to be one of the best freebies to date! It came with a HUGE cooler and 2 packs (only 1 pictured) of 24 pack Gatorade bottles. So awesome! And I actually received this last week, but completely forgot about it, even though it is just sitting in the middle of nowhere in our apartment. I have no clue where to store this! I will certainly be taking it to Sunday's game though to share! ;)

The Dropps laundry sample was something I directly requested from them and they generously sent me three different kinds! Very nice! ;)

This was from - the men's Schick Hydro Razor. I should be getting a woman's any day now! It's crazy how many free razors you can get when you freebie hunt, or are just there at the right time! I think I have at least 3 more coming from other places! Plus with couponing, razors is usually always a free deal so you can imagine our household is well stocked!

I am pretty sure that this first Luna bar in Carrot Cake is from the email they sent their email subscribers, because it was the first 5,000. However, I do have another one coming to me, because a couple weeks later they had a giveaway on their Facebook page. I might give these away. It's weird because I like raisins separately and on occasion, but I don't care for Raisins inside of things..

Got another Bio-life Contact Solution - I think that makes 3!

The free Victoria Secret panty came in the mail and I'm not sure if I will make it to the mall, because I hate the mall here. I really should though..

The activity book and stickers came from the PETA Kids Club. I have a collection of free stickers going for when Truman gets a little older. Stickers are fun!

The 3 travel sized toothpaste came from a Smiley360 mission! It was nice they sent us 3 instead of just one! I'm not sure if I will be able to tell the difference with this and then my last Smiley360 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Mission. Oh well! It's fun to try it out!

I received another Yummy Health Kit, but this time it was through an instant win game on their Facebook page. Their Chocolate Blast bars are SO GOOD. I don't plan on trying the Nacho chips because I had the Pizza ones and they are not yummy, at all. Maybe someone at work will like them!

I love Junie B. Jones. I stalways Junie B. Jones at Goodwill, or Savers, so I started collecting them until I had the entire set! Maybe one day my kids will like them just as much! ;) This freebie was a couple months back and part of some Reading club!
ill remember the first time I was read Junie B. Jones in 2nd grade by the librarian. Seriously, I do. Ever since then she's held a special place in my heart. Being a thrifter I noticed that there was

I received the Algenist face cream from!

The Plackers floss picks were from their website. I randomly got to their page that had a form to fill out to request one, but I also noticed it was for kids plackers and "celebrating" the New Year, so I wasn't sure if I would actually get these but then someone emailed and I asked directly for them!

I can't remember where I got the foam hand soap sample from 3M from and even googled it to see if I could find it again but nothing! It's a good sample though!!

Apparently I won another "Save Your Sleeve" campaign from Boogie Wipes, and the Futuro bottle holder for bikes was from..Futuro? Don't remember that one (not pictured).

Then there's the Emergen-C samples and the Gleen Electronic cleaning cloths.

It's been soooooooooooo slow lately.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Product Review: Purex Fabric Softener Sheets

I would say that I joined Purex Insiders back in ...June. I first heard it from Jamie at and immediately joined after! I have always been a fan of Purex, mainly because it was affordable but the price didn't affect the quality, and I especially love the gel pacs, it makes going to the laundromat way easier!

I was accepted into my first kit pretty much right away which is awesome! Besides freebie hunting and couponing, I love to do product reviews. Although it doesn't seem like it because this is my first one on this blog, I do! One of my purposes to starting this blog was to review products, particularly "as seen on TV" products, but just have been so consumed with freebie hunting and having a new baby in the house that things just didn't happen! But alas, here is my first product review. As a member of Purex Insiders you are given deadlines to post your blog dates, which for me, someone who works only by procrastination, loves this idea! It's like having fun homework to do! Fun because it was free and because it's a new product to me! Anyways...

Disclaimer: Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

So thrilled. I pray for the day when I will have our
 own washer and dryer.
Getting ready to do it's magic!
When I received the kit I noticed right away on the front in big yellow halo that it was 3X THE FRAGRANCE and that it came in two scents: Mountain Breeze and Sweet Lavender. I would have been equally happy with either of these scents and ended up receiving Mountain Breeze. I will say right off the bat that the brochure that came with the kit STILL smells like the fabric softener sheets. I received this kit about two weeks ago, so I certainly can believe that their new, improved formula with 3x the fragrance is true! Because not only did the brochure stay smelly with Mountain Breeze goodness, so did my clothes!

I would recommend this product to someone who doesn't want to spend a fortune for dryer sheets! At $1.75 a pop anyone can purchase these! My clothes are still smelling weeks later!

And what's even really generous of them, they included 3 coupons for FREE Purex Dryer Sheets for me to giveaway. I have yet to decide on what to do with them and have reached out to them. As a newbie blogger, I don't have any followers and just get the passerbyers, so we will see what happens.

And, lucky for me, I received another package from them today for their laundry bar and stain remover! Yay! I'm so excited to try this because I have never tried one before! Stay tuned... ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 14-21!

Kind of a slow week - receiving them and finding new freebies, but that's okay, sometimes it happens. Some weeks are better than others! ;) Starting with a big week for "bars":
Itty Bitty sample of Wet, ha ha. Can you imagine someone actually using this in the heat of the moment? *awkward*

The Cracker Jack'd sample came from a Twitter promotion.

The coupon for a free bag of De Wafelbakkers Frozen Pancakes was something I won on Twitter for their birthday giveaway day! I was one of the first 10 to post what their #1 best seller of flavor pancakes was! I just ate one and they are pretty delicious for frozen pancakes and I am a self-proclaimed "pancake snob." ;)

I won these 3D glasses from when they were having this "every 30 minute freebie thing" going on. I ended up scoring two things - these and some pop can toppers that allow you to seal a pop can up and sip from it.... what? We're having a rummage sale in a couple weeks so...
John Frieda's shampoo & conditoner samples. Rad. I have frizzy hair.

Got this sample from Sircle Samples for 1200 points and I kind of wish I didn't waste them on this. Wah wah oh well. I don't even know what it is, some face stuff?

More Tampons! More Pads! A K-Cup from Maxwell House for our nonexistent Keurig machine (but hopefully I get into the House Party!)
And finally the Crystal Body Towelettes were from Swaggable! ;)

Oh and we can't forget the little tattoo from Nature Me!

I also was lucky to get into my first "assignement" from Purex Insiders and was able to try out their Purex Dryer Sheets. It came at a perfect time because we were out! Not only did I get one in the mail, but I have 3 coupons for FREE ones! ;) I loved this stuff and I will have a review coming up!

Then, lastly, even though it was a slow week, the next freebie made up for it! Remington Ready made a post saying they were going to have a surprise in the future. Well, I believe it was 9am on Friday or Saturday and the surprise was for the first 175 to sign up to sample a styling tool! We could put down 2 choices and they would select one for us. I ended up getting selected to get the 2" flat iron and was so excited. I haven't had a 2" flat iron in a long time and my current flat iron was on the fritz. Another perfect timing freebie! ;) I tried out this product and absolutely loved it!! It's amazing!! ;) Here is another example of being at the right place, right time. Freebies go fast and when thousands of people know a freebie is out there,  you have to act quick! ;)

Freebie Value (very rough estimates):
Quest Bars: $8.00 (Invoice including shipping)
CLIF bar: $1.50
Simply Zone Perfect Bar: $1.50
Cracker Jack'd: $2
Pancake Coupon: $3.50
Powerade Coupon: $1.00
Remington Styler: $38.00

Total: $55 (rounded & estimated)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 1-13th!

Got my 8 boxes of Wheat Thins. I though their Protection Plan promotion was really awesome and generous of them. All you had to do for this was post a picture of Limited Edition LIME Wheat Thins and that was it! So easy! Value: $30.00
MESTRENGTH sent nice samples of 5 different flavors. I saw them post on twitter that they were giving out free samples. When I went to like them and fill out the form, they had 1,000 some fans. By the end of things, they had 12,000. I seriously think offering up samples is a great way of marketing and getting people interested.

The RUNA tea is from Swaggable and the TRUE lemon samples was something I emailed them requesting some! I haven't tried any of this drink samples, but look forward to it!
This was a P&G sampler from Sam's club. I loved this little freebie and the real cool thing is that I've always wanted to try out a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser and now I can to see if I like them alot! Woo!

I emailed TOM's about sampling something from their line of products and they sent me a bar of soap.

There's the NO-AD sunscreen from their Facebook page, and same with The Woolite DARKS sample. Scotch Brite sent me a mini lint roller (so cute!) for voting on some photo competition - I believe it was the first 500 who voted received one! And there are the Botanical Wipes.
Pear Tree Greetings was offering up a code for free Address labels for the first 500 (or something like that) and I ended up getting them! It's great because they had so many options to choose from and I ran out of address labels at the time! Value: $3.99

I got a bunch of things from SmartyPants. The little packets were being offered for the first 50 people per day and they included one of those bracelets and some tattoos or stickers or whatever they are. BUT THEN, shared that the first 10 people to post a review on Amazon about SmartyPants would receive a full-size bottle! I was stoked that I made the top 10 and was even more surprised to see how BIG the bottle was. It has 180 gummies and I really do LOVE this brand. Value: $27.00

I saw this twitter post from a Freebie account tweeting about Simply Right diapers (is that a Sam's club brand?) and when I went to the link, it looked like of sketchy, so wasn't sure if I was going to actually get these, but was surprised to see them in the mail! There were size 3,4,5 of diapers and a pack of 14 wipes! Very Nice!
These all came from either Live Better America, Betty Crocker Club, Pillsbury and Box Top Education! I love these programs! I'm also really curious to try out these new Sweet Potato chips and BBQ is a flavor I like!

I got the Almay CC cream from Stylehunters and am really excited to try it out, since I've just pretty much discovered BB Creams! (Picture not yet included).

 Both of these NYX products -jumbo lip pencil and gloss - came from Sircle Samples. My first samples from them! It's very hard to get these samples because they happen out of nowhere and go SUPER fast.  Not sure about the colors, but happy to try it out! $10.00

For being a foil packet sample, these are pretty nice! I don't really remember where I got these, though. was giving away this free coupon for a Quarter Pounder (redeemed tonight!). I don't really eat much McDonalds but my boyfriend sure liked it! Value: $5.00

NatureBox was giving away samples and you were able to choose from 3 different kind and this looked most appealing to me! Yum!

A Wise Company sent me some Cheesy Macaroni sampler. I'm very curious how this tastes since it's sort of like freeze dried food - or something? All you do is add water! Interesting. I may post a review or atleast look up some other's peoples!
Peet's Coffee K-Cup Sampler. I'm stocking up on K-Cups in hopes that one day soon I will be able to get my boyfriend a Keurig. ;)

The gourmet salt came from a Marlboro promotion. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to be involved in any more promotions from them, because I called them because I received a broken jar of BBQ sauce (another freebie that came this week) - and when I talked to the Rep on the phone one of the first questions she asked me was "Are you a smoker?" Being the honest duck that I am said "No, my boyfriend is." Well, she had to ban my account because I was not the smoker. I guess as long as my boyfriend calls and verifies (huh) that he is the smoker we can still get promotions, so not all is lost, I suppose.

This was another freebie from StyleHunters. I was on a roll the last 3 promotions I have gotten in - this one for Dry Shampoo from Rusk, the Almay CC Cream and I also snagged (I think) Almay Lip balm that hasn't arrived yet. Value: $20.00
This one was a complete surprise and was actually really confused when I got it in the mail. I googled the giveaway and apparently they were giving away 7,000 samples of this! Which is a really nice sample and even better that my boyfriend can take it to his shop to use! Value: $6.00

Another Kotex U Sample! Can never have too many tampons/pads!

Itty bitty sample of Tums Refresher and $1.00 off coupon & a Toyota tumbler from - I wasn't aware we could get 2! Boo! Oh well, these are nice tumblers!

Another Berenstain Bear book from Pinecone Research. I love that I am able to grow my collection through them. I normally thrift for these books, but the newer ones are really hard to find and getting these for free is awesome!
Foam Fanny came from The first 1,000 or something had to fill out the form to receive one with the idea that we're too decorate them for their 2014 calender. We'll see if I do decorate one. Right now it's being used as a teething toy by Truman. ;) The Sunflower seeds came from Burt's Bees

And if anyone is wondering this is what I did with all those Wheat Thins:

I created what I called the "Wheat Thin Buffet" at my work for everyone to sample the different flavors- I also made a cream cheese dip & Key Lime cookies!

Besides all these freebies, BAI5 - I think accidentally - sent me another 8 bottles of their drinks, which was awesome! And, I was product testing baby lotion and a men's body spray this week, too! It has been a great last two weeks! ;) This week seems alittle slow...