Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: November 12th - November 16th + FIRST TWITTER PARTY WIN!

Nothing makes someone's day by winning their very first Twitter party! And a real GOOD one at that. Couldn't have come at a better time because I was stressing about Christmas shopping, but who knows I may go crazy and just have one huge shopping spree. I've been needing new clothes. ;) But, $250 seems like so much money! ha ha. And for the record, Twitter parties are pretty hard to win, unless you're having a party with like 20 people.



Friday & Saturday:


  1. Shippy! How the hell did you get the free eye shadow palette from Urban Decay? I LOVE their Naked palettes!!

  2. There was a crazy Macy deal going on, where if you downloaded the app you received a $10 gift card... I did it 5 times (only able to do it on 2 per phone so I borrowed my boyfriends and a friend) and basically got a $50 giftcard. The total came to $54 (with free shipping), so I just paid $4!