Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Lip Monthly Box

I know I don't need any more lip products in my life, but sometimes that means nothing when you are debating about trying a new beauty subscription, and it makes it even harder to decide when you get a a $5 off coupon! This subscription box is normally $10 a month but I ended up paying only $5 so I HAD to try it! It's a box of EVERYTHING lips, however, they do seem to send one non-lip product! Here's what was inside this months:

I think the box that they include is super cute, but can only really hold about 2 smaller lip products, most products were outside of the box in the envelope. I don't know why you need to know this, but I guess, I suggest maybe they look into a bigger box, because it's almost like, What's the point? But it is really cute with the design! To me, these all seem full-size lip products! The John Freida product is a hair product I always need on hand, especially during Summer. 

My absolute favorite product from the entire box was the City Color Lip Lush Crayon! I'm really into dark colors, even now in Summer, and I think this is my first purple color and I LOVE IT. I was surprised to find that it retails for $2.99 so something that is affordable! 

My least favorite product from the box was the Revlon Colorburst lip gloss. Not a fan of the color or
formula. It was too sticky for my liking.

I was really excited to see an Appeal Cosmetics lipstick in this box, and I know I have one coming in my Boxycharm box, and I always love a good red, but for some reason this shade didn't work for me as much as I thought! At least not on the first impression!

And the last product, the Lip Balm by City Color had a retail value of $2.99 was something I am on the fence on. I may need to use it more to get a full feel. At first impression though, I didn't care for the color, but liked how it felt on my lips!

Overall, this was a great box for paying just $5. However, I don't think I will be continuing it. I LOVE lip products, but I can't spend a whole lot on beauty subscriptions right now. They just aren't in the family budget.  It had a retail value of over $35!

Use Code "SUMMERLIPS" to get your 1st Box for $6.99!

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  1. Just curious, how many beauty boxes do you get? ;) lol

    1. LOL, I just officially subscribe to Ipsy. I sign up for just one month to try out the boxes and post a review. #makeupjunkie ;)