Monday, September 15, 2014

BoxyCharm - September 2014 - Fashion Week Fabulous

Another great month! However, I will say, I wish they'd introduce some new brands. I feel like they are recycling the same one - great brands though - I would never purchase brands Tarina Tarantino on my own because I can't afford them, but it would just be nice to get a mixture, because then you start to get burned out on the same brands on repeat. I feel that way when I get repeat brands in different boxes (cough, cough Purlisse).

Theme of the month:

Box contents:
 This box had a whopping retail value of $96.00! 

The Coastal Scents palette I received was Bejing which is describe on the back as having, "twelve highly-pigmented hues shimmer in deep plums, ink black, gold and cherry blossom pinks." The first four took a lot of swatching to get a color I could really see. However, the next rows were very pigmented and my favorite row was the last row! Loved all those colors! :)
The LipSurgence lip gloss from Tarte isn't my thing - mainly because rarely do I find a lip gloss that I'll wear a whole lot. A lot of them are either too stick (like this one) or too slippery. For the most part, it's a clear lip gloss with some shimmer in it. 

Then there's the NCLA Nail Lacquer! I think I really enjoy the color! I don't have many white-ish colors so received something that isn't your typical pink or red is always welcomed.

The Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash Mascara (what does that even mean?) is apparently Limited Edition. I wonder why. I love, love their packaging! It's so heavy! And looks/feels expensive, lol. I'm not going to open this mascara because I seriously have soooo many mascaras to use up, so I won't be able to share how I feel about this, but you can never really have too many mascaras, right?

And, finally, the perfume Hello! by Harvey Prince. To me, perfume is perfume. You either hate it or love it. What else can you say? I do love the simple packaging of it. ;) I also don't mind the scent. It's just going to be added to my mountains of perfume samples!

I might be getting burnt out on beauty subscription boxes. Or, maybe just with makeup, in general. I'm a junkie, yet, feel pretty overwhelmed with how much I have accumulated as of late. We shall see, maybe I'm just having a moment :)

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