Monday, June 17, 2013

Freebies - Week of June 3-16th

Things are really starting to come in and I am pretty positive my mail man hates me now. Here's a rundown of the 2nd picture:

- Poise samples (I donate these)
- U by Kotex sample packs which I got 2
- Seventh Generation samples that were on
- The sensitive arm & hammer toothpaste was from Smiley360. This was the sample that I could share with others!
- The weird lighter/bottle opener was from Grizzly Chewing Tabacco
-The Mio Fit water enhancers were from their twitter page
-The Taster's Choice coffee samples come in 6 different flavors
-The GuD sample also came with a coupon
-Quit Smoking Tea (Yeah..)
-The Jiffy Recipe book is still free out there and I should be getting another one with 4 boxes of Jiffy Mixes
-Gooseberry Recipe book has a bunch of recipes (duh!)
-The travel size Contact Bio Life solution is still available!
-The huge Clif Body Builder's bar was from somewhere - probably their Facebook page!

It's only Monday and I already received about 6 freebies in the mail! YAY! ;)

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