Monday, August 19, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: A Face to Die For (1996)

Starring (AKA Who You May Know): Yasmine Bleeth is the one that stands out probably. She was in Baywatch and a couple of other notable Lifetime movies that will surely be reviewed at some point. She plays quiet, insecure Emily who has scars on her face from a car accident when she was young that killed her father. She's a costume designer at the local theater company and works for an old man who sells pricey art to bitches like Mrs. Burman. James Wilder : Know way in heck would you recognize this name, but he pops up in another fabulous Lifetime Movie Our Mother's Murder. From the two movies I have seen him in he's a dick in both of them - and does pretty well!

Plot: As previously mentioned, Emily lives in the shadows of her scarred face. She's quiet and self conscious and treated like crud by her sister and mother. Clearly, the black sheep of the family. Emily works for a rich old man, where she first meets Alec. Alec ignores her scarred up face and falls in love with her even going so far as to propose to her. Everything seems perfect, until Alec threatens to leave town because of some financial shizz. Afraid to loose her "only one true love" she helps him steal from the Old Man she works for. Things go wrong and the old man has a heart attack, she stays and ends up going to jail while Alec runs away with her sister. She gets beat up in prison and meets a surgeon who magically repairs her face! SURPRISE! She looks EXACTLY like his ex-wife. EXACTLY. Which means they were separated at birth. Emily flips her lid, leaves the Doctor and starts her own fashion design business under the new name of Adrienne. She becomes super successful and no one seems to know that she used to be Emily - not even her own sister or Alec. Anywho, Alec catches on and he ends up dead. Happy ending.

What the..? I know it's Lifetime, but...: This story seems awfully far fetched to be a true story - or even loosely based on one. It is a book however, which makes more sense. I just think it's ridiculous how no one knows that Adrienne is Emily. Pfft, oh well. That's a movie for you. ;)

Lifetime Cliche Attached: Scarred-girl-gets-plastic-surgery-and-revenge. Whaaaaaaat?

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