Monday, August 26, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: August 11-25th

Won the FRS goodie pack from a Twitter Party they were throwing - I don't think many people were in the party, because I won right away! No complaints here! ;) I dig the energy chews!

The stickers randomly came from Highlights Magazine!

The Hello Toothbrush was from a Facebook giveaway!

The cute packaging of the Finish detergent pacs are still available!

The Berenstain Bear book came from Pinecone research - just took a few surveys!

The Dentek samples were from their website.

I won another BIC pen from their giveaway last month.

Slender sticks in the flavor Acai Lemonade.

The bottle opener was from Grizzly cigarette company.

The NJoy cigarette was from their website.

Another Zippo lighter from Marlboro.

The amazing bra came from Bali bras and has to be one of my favorite freebies! It has a $36 value and is SOOOOOO comfortable, and I literally was thinking about how I needed a new bra and this came in the mail!

The pens came from Pilot pens just simply because I complimented them on their awesome pens - they emailed back and said they would send me a "sample" and was surprised to find these as their samples. ;)

The first lipstick is from Stylehunters in the the color Mystic Plum.

The second lipstick is from a giveaway I entered from Jafra Cosmetics.

The ear phones were also from Marlboro.

The Venus Olay razor was for the first 1,000 on Facebook - I love Venus! ;) They always give away goodies and you have to be fast! I just won another one last week!

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