Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 29-August10th!

The school supplies were from Office Max. Jamie from Vonbeau.com sent me a $5 gift card on the app Wrapp and had no minmum! 

The Fels-Naptha bar was from a Purex Insider promotion. Unfortunately, my first time testing the product didn't really work, so I might try again.

The Nutra bar for dogs bar was from their Facebook page, you just had to send them a message with your address and they would send it out!

The 3 Venus Razors came from a Twitter promotion! I had no idea I had 3 coming to me! 

The spatula was from the Alexia Ambassador Program! They were clearancing out products and had enough points!

The pink hair extension was a promotion that Uniwigs had and they were giving away 10,000!

The elastic bands were from Stylehunters. I was supposed to get the Almay Lip Balm but something happened and I never received it. I emailed them and they didn;t know what happened either but said they would send me these instead. I'm cool with anything. Stylehunters is awesome and everything is completely free just goes EXTREMELY fast and often only has 100 available! 

The Little Duck Organics was generously sent to me just because I asked them too! ha ha. 

The SPARK energy samples I saw on instagram.

The Fiber One Lemon Bars - that I ate in 5 seconds because they are sooo good - were from Pillsbury, Live Better America, Betty Crocker or/and Box Tops For Education. I think I got 2 this week, and should be getting one more? 

The Luna carrot bar was a Facebook giveaway for the first 10,000!

I emailed Hawaiin King to compliment them and they sent me two coupons for free products!

The BIC pen was from their month long promotion!

I got 3 of the E-cigs intro kits from Green Smoke with the intention to give them to Dan. However, even though I checked the non-menthol ones, they sent me three of the mentol ones, so Dan wouldn't use them. Bummer, but I will put them in the rummage sale!

The dog samples will also be in a little Doggie pack for the Rummage Sale.

The Smashbox primer samples were easy to get - they were giving away 150,000. In total I got 4.

The BA Star samples were from their website for cheerleading. 

The Nexcare waterproof bandages were from their Facebook page.

The Scribble buster was actually sent to me from the UK, surprisngly! I saw they were offering samples on Twitter and asked if they'd be willing to send me some and they were nice enough to do so! They don't even have their product on market yet, but VERY soon.

The Bath and Body 3oz lotion was free if you went into a store this past Saturday and showed them a print out of the ad or on your phone! 

The Febreze sleep serenity sample was being given away on their Facebook page. I love some Febreze! 

The glitter was also on Twitter and they were giving samples away and I snagged some up! Always nice to ad to the craft box! 

The Markers and pencils were free with coupons.

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