Sunday, December 15, 2013

Like to Sample Free Products? Try Swaggable!

I can't really pinpoint when I first became obsessed with getting freebies or sampling products, but sometime this year, it happened - hardcore. One of my first "freebie hunting" sites,, first introduced me to the wonderful website that is Swaggable.

What is Swaggable?
Swaggable is a website that offers everyday consumers the opportunity to try out new products, write reviews and help spread the word on the products being tested. In my opinion, it's a great marketing strategy. What better way to get your product out there than to send out samples to those people who matter most? 

How does it work?
Step 1: After signing up, you browse all the categories - 8 in all including categories like Snacks, Cosmetics & Beauty, Kid Products & Pet Supplies. After clicking on a particular item for more information, you click "Want It" which alerts whoever that you would like to sample and review this. Just because you "Want It" doesn't mean you will get it! By having the "Want It" feature, it allows Swaggable to match you with products you really want. 

Step 2: At some point - you never know when - you'll get an email notifying you that they've found a sample for you to try and you need to accept it. From my experience, once you accept it, you will see that the status shows "Gathering Invites." This means that Swaggable is still looking for people to sample this specific product and the status won't be changed to "Shipped" until they've found all or enough participants (I don't know for sure). I have noticed that the time between when you accept an invite to actually receiving the item can take some time, sometimes a month or so! To me, this acceptable because I will never complain about a free sample or free product to try. 

Step 3: Then you are surprised to receive a package from Swaggable with your product! You sample and write an honest review - simple as that! 

It's important to follow up on the reviews, because they won't allow you to accept a new invitation to try a new product without completing the review for the one product you last were sent. I think this is a perfect way to get a review out of someone! 

I have been a product sampler (is that what we're called? ha!) for Swaggable since .... thinking hard... maybe April and have already reviewed 11 products (and 3 coming down the pipeline "gathering invites) ranging from a bar of soap, to (the most amazing) Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle to some baby lotion. 

Definetely check it out if you love sampling products and reviews! They are a great website and more interest=more products to sample! It's a win for everyone! ;

Here's a video of that tells there story:

Happy Sampling! ;)

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