Friday, December 6, 2013

Love with Food - November 2013 Box

I was so bummed when Walmart's Goodie Box ended. It was one of my favorite subscription boxes because it was only  $7 a month and you always got some awesome stuff. Some new, some old, but always good. Surprisingly, weeks later I started to receive the Love with Food box. I got October's box and just thought it was random, but then I was happy to receive Novembers box, too and then remembered I had contacted the company about reviewing a box and so that's what I am doing.

The real big difference between Goodie Box and Love with Food is that Love with Food focuses more on Healthy and organic snack options, which is cool by me. I'll eat any kind of snack really! ;)

Here's what was in November's Box:

I'm not sure about the Eat Natural bar, I'm not a fan of fruit & nut bars, but everything else looks great. I had the Maple Fudge and it so soft but no overly chewy, which is how I like my fudge. To me, it was really like a piece of caramel. Very good. I wonder if they have any other flavors.

I do recommend this subscription service if you're looking for something to replace Goodie Box OR if you're new to the whole food subscriptions. There are some expensive ones out there, but this one is only $10 a month and you get a 8+ items per box! Totally worth it, especially if you enjoy trying out new things like myself.

Here's some information, they also have a new Deluxe Box, which I am REALLY curious about, for an extra $10 you get more goodies!

Love with Food Subscriptions

PLUS, an added bonus - for every box that is ordered they donate one to a hungry child. GREAT idea. ;)

Oops...and can't forget this one not pictured above:

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