Monday, April 7, 2014

As Seen on TV: Perfect Pancake Pan

Cost: $12.50 on Amazon!

Does it really work?

It's a question I have about ANYTHING that's considered as an "As Seen On TV" product. Of course, I could read many reviews from other people who have purchased it, but I've always wanted to try them out for myself. Sometimes you just don't know if there are legit or being paid to say that. Well, I purchased this product with my own money, so this review is legit!

First up to bat was the Perfect Pancake Pan! Why this one first? Well, I wanted something I could actually use if it worked, since it was my money, I wanted to make sure it was worth it and my son LOVES Pancakes! AND, I am terrible at making pancakes. I mean, making them look pretty. Mine usually turn out to be weird shaped ones, which is totally fine, because you eat them in minutes anyways, but for someone who is a slight perfectionist this product seemed right up my alley.

Here's what this product claims:
-Makes 4 pancakes at the Same Time
-Fast & Easy
-Spatula Free
-No Added Fat

Let's break it down now...

Makes 4 Pancakes at the Same Time:
Totally true! You can make one, two, three, or four at the same time!

Fast & Easy
Hmm.. I must say the first go at it, where I followed the directions BIT by BIT - it took FOREVER. Of course now, we did not pre-heat the stove. And when the directions said cook on low to medium heat, I put it dab in the middle of low and medium. Seriously waiting for the edges to lightly brown and have numerous bubbles, took over 15 minutes before we could flip it. Maybe that was my error, but by the 2nd go at it, we moved it entirely to the medium level and it sped up and not to mention it was pretty hot by then! Having 4 being made at the same time is a great thing!! Really does speed the process for me who usually does one pancake a time in fear that they will melt together and two small pancakes become one big deformed one.
Spatula Free!
True again! One less dirty dish to clean is always a great thing in this household!

No Added Fat!
Well, the box screams this, but then Step 1 in the directions say to prepare the pan by using oil. So... this claim is a thumbs down for me!

Four PICTURE PERFECT Pancakes Every Time!
Pretty much true. Of course, it all depends on if you have an unsteady hand when you flip the thing, because it can ship the batter and ruin the shape by falling out -it did happen to me, but this is depending on the operator!

Overall, I LOVED this product. It did everything it said besides it being "no added fat".... if you enjoy thick, fluffy pancakes, this product is a great tool. I know my boyfriend prefers them to be on the thin size so we'll really just have to experiment.


What was an added bonus for me was the fact that this product makes THE perfect over easy egg. I never made them at home (or had my boyfriend do it) because I was terrible and flipping them and having them bust open. Besides overcooking them a bit and flipping them poorly, they turned out perfect!!

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  1. This is awesome! I glad you reviewed the Perfect Pancake Pan as I was curious as to if it REALLY does what it claims on their fancy commercials. Your pancakes turned out beautifully! Also, I don't think eggs can be made that precise in a pan by a professional! Thanks for the review, now I know I need to get one for myself!