Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 22 -27th!

The Gatorade Hydration Pack has to be one of the best freebies to date! It came with a HUGE cooler and 2 packs (only 1 pictured) of 24 pack Gatorade bottles. So awesome! And I actually received this last week, but completely forgot about it, even though it is just sitting in the middle of nowhere in our apartment. I have no clue where to store this! I will certainly be taking it to Sunday's game though to share! ;)

The Dropps laundry sample was something I directly requested from them and they generously sent me three different kinds! Very nice! ;)

This was from - the men's Schick Hydro Razor. I should be getting a woman's any day now! It's crazy how many free razors you can get when you freebie hunt, or are just there at the right time! I think I have at least 3 more coming from other places! Plus with couponing, razors is usually always a free deal so you can imagine our household is well stocked!

I am pretty sure that this first Luna bar in Carrot Cake is from the email they sent their email subscribers, because it was the first 5,000. However, I do have another one coming to me, because a couple weeks later they had a giveaway on their Facebook page. I might give these away. It's weird because I like raisins separately and on occasion, but I don't care for Raisins inside of things..

Got another Bio-life Contact Solution - I think that makes 3!

The free Victoria Secret panty came in the mail and I'm not sure if I will make it to the mall, because I hate the mall here. I really should though..

The activity book and stickers came from the PETA Kids Club. I have a collection of free stickers going for when Truman gets a little older. Stickers are fun!

The 3 travel sized toothpaste came from a Smiley360 mission! It was nice they sent us 3 instead of just one! I'm not sure if I will be able to tell the difference with this and then my last Smiley360 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Mission. Oh well! It's fun to try it out!

I received another Yummy Health Kit, but this time it was through an instant win game on their Facebook page. Their Chocolate Blast bars are SO GOOD. I don't plan on trying the Nacho chips because I had the Pizza ones and they are not yummy, at all. Maybe someone at work will like them!

I love Junie B. Jones. I stalways Junie B. Jones at Goodwill, or Savers, so I started collecting them until I had the entire set! Maybe one day my kids will like them just as much! ;) This freebie was a couple months back and part of some Reading club!
ill remember the first time I was read Junie B. Jones in 2nd grade by the librarian. Seriously, I do. Ever since then she's held a special place in my heart. Being a thrifter I noticed that there was

I received the Algenist face cream from!

The Plackers floss picks were from their website. I randomly got to their page that had a form to fill out to request one, but I also noticed it was for kids plackers and "celebrating" the New Year, so I wasn't sure if I would actually get these but then someone emailed and I asked directly for them!

I can't remember where I got the foam hand soap sample from 3M from and even googled it to see if I could find it again but nothing! It's a good sample though!!

Apparently I won another "Save Your Sleeve" campaign from Boogie Wipes, and the Futuro bottle holder for bikes was from..Futuro? Don't remember that one (not pictured).

Then there's the Emergen-C samples and the Gleen Electronic cleaning cloths.

It's been soooooooooooo slow lately.

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