Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Memebox #23: Girl's Night Out

Memeboxes are popping up all over, everywhere on Youtube and blogs, so naturally I HAD to check it out for myself. It's not a subscription, it's just specially themed boxes that are available to purchase whenever they are offered. They have so many unique themes, but really wanted to get one that would be more makeup based. So, I chose Girl's Night Out. This box costed me about $30 - normally it's $23, but then you pay the shipping of $6.99 to get it to you. I know I had a coupon code that I used, so this was definitely under $30, and although a bit pricey for my typical purchases, the value of this box came to $119!!! And every single brand was new to me, but that didn't surprise me since it's 'Korean Beauty.'

These remind of me OPI products! I really enjoyed my shades that I got, particularly the black shade on the right! I prefer darker shades almost all year round, but once and a while I will get a lighter shade that I'd really like. I didn't swatch these because I was unprepared and had already a fresh coat of a polish!

I wish I was good at putting on fake eyelashes. These may just sit at the bottom of my makeup drawer for a very long time, until my practice pays off and I get better at it. I don't know how to judge whether or not a fake eyelash product is good or not, but that's probably just because I don't have much experience with them.

I LOVED the Liquid Eyeliner! It had a great feel when I did a swatch of it, a little just okay on the shade, but sometimes I love something totally different. I like bright eyeliners or your typical black, but this green is sort of out of my box! It also had great staying power. The swatch on my hand didn't easily come off with soap and water! You had to work to remove it! Which is another great quality to an eyeliner - you want it to stay put!

Not sure how I feel about the Hair perfume, lol. Sounds interesting to me, don't think I've ever had hair perfume in my possession before! But that's just another reason why I love boxes that provide me with something I've never owned or a new brand, and this is an example. Looking forward to trying this out and getting a better impression.

Love the Dual concealer, too! It looks pretty light, but that's me - pretty light toned right now. The Summer sun doesn't do much for my face when it comes to getting some color. But, I can always use a concealer! I seem to go through it enough!

My second favorite thing, was the lipstick. I am a HUGE lipstick fanatic lately. It's bad. So, naturally I was so happy to see this bright pink shade and do enjoy the shade when swatched, so this is definetely something I would wear on a daily basis!

Lastly, we have this perfume scent. Normally, I am not a huge fan of perfumes, and I literally have a satchel of sample vials from beauty boxes, but mainly I don't wear perfume a whole lot anymore. I am not really sure why because there are some great scents out there, but it's just been a while since I woke up in the morning and thought to spritz myself. I get ready in 30 mins, not much thought goes into it some days. Maybe I will start wearing it again, because I enjoy this scent! Ashley approved! :)

I really loved this box. SO much that I went nuts and bought 3 more Memeboxs, that aren't released for a while! One is a Pink Edition, Halloween, and something else. LOL. I need to stop, seriously. But, it's SO fun.

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