Saturday, August 23, 2014

Modern Mom Insiders: Sheer Cover Review!

I decided to try the Sheer Cover products for the first time during a time when I had a full acne breakout! I have acne prone skin, so it's hard to find makeup products that cover my problem spots. I received such an amazing 'starter kit' for this campaign, here's what was inside:

Mineral Foundation
  • Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer  - I was really turned off by the smell of this primer, it's very perfumey and prefer my primers to not have a scent, or maybe it's something I am just not used to! It starts out being really silky smooth, with borderline oily, but dries very silky smooth. I'm terrible though at telling if Primers actually work. I will say that overall my makeup look for the day DID stay on nearly my entire 9 hour work day. The only areas that I noticed that didn't stay was around some acne spots. 
  • Sheer Cover Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation - I requested the Light/Medium shade. My biggest issue I had was the coverage. For me, personally, I need a foundation that is going to give me a lot of coverage, especially during my acne breakouts. I don't think this was terrible and the concealer was a great help to covering, but I unfortunately need a lot of coverage! 
  • Sheer Cover Concealer & Brighten Trio -  This was probably my favorite thing in the entire set! I LOVED that there were two different shades and a highlighter included in the compact! It really makes things easier and something I would definitely throw into my purse whenever I need to cover up. It covered my acne spots for the most part very well! 
    Concealer Trio
  • 4 Piece Brush Set - This apparently was a bonus gift, which was awesome because I am always in need of some new brushes! I LOVE the concealer brush. Wasn't a huge fan of the foundation brush, but it's also not the worst thing I have used for foundation. 
  • Sheer Cover Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals - Honestly, I don't really know much about bronzers. I don't know how to really apply them (makeup newbie?) and when I watch Youtube videos I always think I could never have it look that good. I did really like the shade though, it wasn't something that was too crazy and I thought it worked well for my skin the one time I did try it! I hope that I create a better relationship with bronzers in the future. But, usually bronzers are last on my list of coveted items. 
  • Sheer Cover Lengthening Mascara & Lash Extending Fibers -  This worked just okay for me. I wonder if it was the fact that I used Younique's 3D Lash Fiber mascara pretty recently that using any other kind, might have a hard time living up to that one but I wasn't entirely impressed with this. Once again, it wasn't horrible and did give me volume, but nothing to write home to mom about. 

It was way more than I was expecting, but super excited to try it out! I've never really gone too far into mineral based makeup, but am always willing to try. I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars because after looking at the untouched AFTER photo I realized it worked pretty good, better than I thought in person! And, I'm sure, when I don't have an acne breakout, it would work even better, so am willing to try it again when I don't have a gigantic zit on my face. =\

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