Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MunchPak - August 2014

Beauty boxes aren't my only favorite kind of subscription boxes to get in the mail, food ones hold a special place, too. I've heard a little about Munchpak through a couple of other Youtubers, but otherwise not a whole lot. The unboxing videos were amazing enough to get me shell out $21 to try it for this month. I am a loyal Love With Food fan, but am always up for trying something new, especially when it comes to food. The difference between Love With Food and Munchpak, besides the price, is that Munchpak gets a lot of treats from other countries, which I think is awesome! A lot of the products I received in this box weren't in English, which makes it a kind of gamble sometimes when you take that first bite, yet so exciting!


So as you can tell, you do get a lot of yummy snacks! I will say that so far I've LOVED the Ki-Ki fruit chews! They were so good and I ate them in a day! I've heard of only a few products from this box and that's probably the coolest part of the box - getting products you've never heard of! And, just yesterday, Munchpak posted on their Instagram some changes that are coming, one including an information sheet explaining more about products, which is great, because some of these aren't in English! Would be great to know what everything is and where they come from!

Updates coming, according to Munchpak's Instagram:
A few updates coming this month... PayPal - Currently customers can purchase a gift using their credit card or PayPal. Later this week, we will implementing Paypal for subscriptions. Soon you will have the option to have your payment automatically deducted from your PayPal account! International Shipping - Is expected to be ready and complete by the end of this month. Add something to drink to your order - All these snacks must make you thirsty! Soon you will be able to add some coffee or tea to your delivery (more drink options coming this winter). Preferred/Non-Preferred Snacks - Do you like chewy and sour snacks but dislike crunchy snacks that are spicy? We are adding even more options so we can create the perfect box of snacks, just for you! Also, by popular demand, we will soon be including an insert in each box that will include details on where you can find out what the heck everything is that came in your MunchPak.

I purchased this box with my own money. ;)

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