Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freebies! May 13 - May 25th!

I've been meaning to post my newest freebies for days, so this is the last two weeks of freebies! Most of them came in the mail, but I also included 'no obligation coupon freebies.'

I can't remember how I ended up with the Child Safety gadgets, but I figured that having a 4 month old, we would soon be needing these! They came from Proctor & Gamble!

Libman cleaning company was having a month long giveway where you would have to enter daily to see if you instantly won. I probably entered daily 85% of the time and finally won this mop refill pad in probably the last week! Just goes to show that determination pays off! Value: $8.00

I got the pint glass from Marlboro and you could customize it, although hard to see, as well.

One of my favorite freebies so far is this 36 pack of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers. I was accepted into a Smiley360 mission and was so excited! I received a craft project along with it, which was decorating a magnet frame. Besides the markers, it came with some stickers and glitter glue pens! Totally awesome! Value: $17.00

Speaking of Smiley360: around this time I was also accepted into another mission for Aveeno Shampoo & Conditioner for Dandruff Control. I was on a roll with Smiley360 - I am currently in 7 active missions! They sent me coupons for one free conditioner and shampoo (9.49 value each) and I purchased them at Target. BUT, not without problems. I swear I tried looking for these about three times or something wouldn't work. I went to CVS and couldn't find them. I went to Walgreens and the dude couldn't get the coupon to work and there was a line so I just left without them, and then I finally got them at Target, but then the checkout girl was new (I think) and didn't understand coupons really well, and yeah. I ended up having to go to the service counter to get a refund for the coupon and blah blah blah. Oh well, what is important is that I ended up getting these!
Value: $10 (they were $5 at Target)

My third Smiley360 of the week was for the Bonine chewable tablet. I received 5 two pack samples that helps with motion sickness. I am actually pretty excited to be able to try these, because I suffer from pretty frequent motion sickness. I can't even go around a highway ramp without feeling ill sometimes. Value: $2.50 (random number - since 16ct is $5.00)

Then, there is the Olay Fresh Effects face cleanser sample. I love the packaging on this new Olay line of products. I can get a couple uses out of these and is great for traveling!

I received 3 Nexcare band aids from their Facebook page.

Finally, the WAFU Japanese Wasabi Edamame Salad Dressing from I didn't "want" this product in my profile, but I wasn't going to say No in the hopes that someone would enjoy this sample! I am not a fan of hot things or salad dressing, but it's still a fun freebie!

Now I wasn't sure if I should post these in my freebies post because they didn't come in the mail, but they were completely free products that I had coupons for with no obligation to purchase anything, or any other hidden trick.

The Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste I picked up from the Dollar Tree - where everything is $1 and I had a $1 off printable coupon, making them completely free! When I received the Purina One cat food sample a couple weeks ago, they included a coupon for a free can of wet food. The Friskie's Rise & Shine was free from a coupon I received off their Facebook page! Value: $4.00

Value TOTAL: $40+ (was kind of lazy this week estimating, can you tell?)

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