Thursday, April 18, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: A Friend's Betrayal (1996)

Also known as...
Lifetime-y Tagline: She wanted everything: freedom, friendship and her best friend's teenage son.


Starring (aka Who You May Know): Brian Austin Green who played David from Beverly Hills, 90210 is Paul, the 18-year-old kid who falls for his mother's friend, Nina. Nina is played by Sharon Lawrence who was on NYPD Blue for six years. That chubby girl from Now and Then who actually died in 2007: Ashleigh Aston Moore plays Paul's sister, Ella.

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Older woman + Teen Boy

The plot: It was hard to stay involved in this one. For a Lifetime movie it was pretty boring! Nina's mother dies. She leans on her friend with the hot son. Immediately, you can tell that they are going to bone at some point in the movie (well, duh, that's the movie...), but I was surprised that it took a half hour into the movie (it really felt like hours since it's soooooooooooo slow). Eventually the mother finds out. Hell breaks loose. There is tension for awhile, Paul moves out. The movie ends with Nina breaking things off with Paul and moving away. All is well...


What the...? I don't really see that big of a deal when it comes to the whole affair. Sure, he's a little young for her, and sure, she's his mother's best friend, but the relationship is consenual and he is an adult. Did we really need a whole two hour movie about this? Atleast have someone get murdered at the end...sheesh! 

The REAL Lifetime Story: I am sure that 18-year-olds sleep with their mother's friends all the time... eh... right? 

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