Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday & Saturday Freebies!

Friday (April 5th), I received the Excedrin with 24 capsules. I got this from their Facebook page simply by liking them and filling out a form. They were actually giving away a total of 10,000 freebies so this one was pretty easy to get.

Saturday (April 6th), I received the L&M Cigarette Travel Mug. I would probably never use it, but my boyfriend would.

I also was surprised to receive this 2 fl oz Woolite laundry detergent sample plus $3 off coupon with my order from Modcloth! It's the little things!

Excedrin value: $1.60
Travel Mug value: $6.99
Woolite sample value: $.32

Freebies TOTAL savings: $8.91

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