Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Made-For-TV Movie Vault: The Killing Secret (1998)

Lifetime-y Tagline: Some secrets should not be kept.

Starring (A.k.A. Who You May Know): Soleil Moon Frye plays Emily, the "other woman," the poor girl from the wrong side of tracks, the one who gets pregnant and murdered. besides her I don't really know anyone else from the movie without doing some research.You know Soleil from Punky Brewster and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Tess Harper who plays Emily's mother, Tina is apparently still around and has acted as recently as 2011 in Revenge, and other shows like Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, and Law & Order.

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Cheating boyfriends kills to keep his affair a secret.

The plot: **CONTAINS SPOILERS (scroll down if you would rather watch it)**We meet Nicole and Greg, high school's perfect couple. She a cheerleader and he is a star football player, of course! They have their futures all set, they are both going to graduate high school and go to the same college together and live happily ever after. That is until we find out that Greg is too timing Nicole with Emily who unlike him, is poor and from the "wrong side of the tracks." Minutes into the movie we find out that Emily has a surprise for Greg that she's pregnant with his baby (because she's never been with anyone else, duh!) and instead of being happy about it, Greg offers to pay for the abortion. No matter how many times that Emily says it, Greg just can't seem to understand that Emily isn't getting rid of this baby and is desperate for them to be together and she really wants to meet his family. Greg has other plans though and ends up murdering her to keep this little secret...a secret. Nicole becomes buddy buddy with Emily's mom, Tina and starts to suspect that Greg was the one who murdered Emily. BUT WAIT, there is a twist, because out of nowhere they arrest this crazy dude who is obsessed with Emily or something and that's the end of that. Until Nicole starts piecing things together (the jammed door, the flower button that they focused really heavily on, and the bloody lamp shade) and tries to go prove that it was Greg who is the murder. Greg senses that Nicole is on to him and meets her at the place where they went to "be alone." He almost kills her, but due to his powerful love for her...just...can' it and he is sentenced to jail.

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