Friday, July 12, 2013

Made-For-TV Vault: Friends Til the End (1997)

Lifetime-y Tagline: Two Sorority Sisters, One Had It All. The Other Was Dying To Take It Away.

Starring (A.k.A. Who You May Know): Shannon Doherty is Ms.Popularity in this one and I actually like her. She plays Heather (ha!) who is a big Sorority Queen who is in a popular band called Dead Pink and has the perfect boyfriend, family and life. Jennifer Blanc (who?) plays Zan Armstrong/Suzanne who  plays creepy well. She manages to turn people against Heather, make her look stupid on local TV, sleep with her boyfriend, put some junk in her drink to make her vomit, steal the show when it comes to Dead Pink, and so on. Jeremy (or is Jason? Too lazy to Google) London is naughty, annoying boyfriend Simon who sleeps with Zan because she wore a short blue dress and bought him a drink for his birthday. Totally lame, Simon.

Lifetime Movie Cliche Attached: Mentally Unstable Chick Wants More Popular Chicks Life And Does Anything To Get It - Including MURDER!

The plot: I seriously think the Cliche just explained this whole plot. This has always been one of my favorite 'Lifetime' movies. It starts off with these two girls in a talent show. The blonde one breaks down because she messed up and the brunette won, or something like that. Fast forward to the college years and we get creepy Zan with overly done blue eyeshadow watching Heather from afar. She slowly (or fastly I guess since it's a 1.5 hour movie) becomes BFF with Heather and everything seems hunky dory, until like 20 minutes in when you see how crazy Zan is when she's etching out Heather's face in some photo of her and her boyfriend, Simon. She joins the sorority, joins the band, steals the boyfriend, ruins friendships, oh and murders a dude who knows who she really is in an alley with a brick... with a brick? REALLY? So things are going really well for Zan at this point. Dude is dead. She's boning Simon. Heather is out of the band. But, soon Heather catches on and finds Zan's mother and learns that Zan was that blonde girl at the talent show many years ago and that now she has some sort of never ending grudge against Heather and wants to be her. In the end, it's Heather's show and Zan is ultimately defeated when the crazies come out during the battle of the bands. The end.

WTF? I Know it's Lifetime, But...Dude dies from getting his head smashed in with a brick? Boring!
I totally like some of the songs from Dead Pink, it's probably because I've seen it so many times. HA!!

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