Monday, July 1, 2013

Freebies: June 23rd - 30th!

Glide reusable bag,  T-Shirt, scope flossers, Glide floss (not pictured) and
some coupons! Really awesome! 
This week I received two giveaway wins in the mail. Ones that were a surprise because I never got a confirmation and some of the things I enter don't let you know until you get in in the mail. My first one was from Oral-B. I remember it being something on their Facebook page where the first 5,000 people to upload a picture of them flossing (?) would win a bag of Oral-B swag! When I got it in the mail, I kept thinking that I didn't even know I actually went through and submitted my picture. I remember taking it with Truman, but wasn't really thrilled on any that turned out! But, receiving the swag showed I did! (Duh!)

The second surprise was from Kiss Nails. I always enter these things without ever expecting to win, so was so happy when I opened the mail and saw a set of nail stickers! Woohoo! ;) In a way, I really dig not knowing if I win, because when you actually do win it's a complete surprise! 

Free Product Coupons:
  • VO5 was having a Facebook giveaway and I won one! Woohoo! 
  • I emailed Softlips telling them how much I loved their products and never responded but sent me some awesome coupons including one for a FREE product. I went to CVS today and they had Softlips on clearance for $1.49, so with the four $1 off coupons they sent me, I ended up getting four of them for 50 cents each! Awesome! 
  • One of those coupons is from Kraft in regards to a product complaint I sent them, and the other three are for free Gluten free products from Pillsbury! 

The stickers were from joining Oprah's OWN club and they came pretty quick! I think they are pretty neat! These baby lotion samples came from Swaggable! The razor was from a text offer that had been going on for a long time! 

The 4 boxes of Jiffy Mix was sent to me from Jiffy because I emailed them telling how much I enjoy their corn muffin box mix and to thank me they said they would send me another recipe book and 4 boxes of Jiffy! I thought that was so nice of them!!
Being part of survey company's allows for me to do a bunch of product testing. I was happy to qualify for testing of some new Bath & Body perfumes and so I received 4 bottles of no-name scents. I basically have to just test them each out for a couple days and fill out a home diary! So far the #500 has been my favorite, but have only smelled 2 of the 4. They ask that we not smell the scents ahead of time! I love product testing!

Sometime a week ago, I was on twitter just hashtagging for free samples (haha, what?) and I came across the company Bai. Never heard of them, but they tweeted about free samples and if anyone was interested all we would have to do is send them a message. I became genuinely interested in the product and trying them out when I saw what they were. I thought at first they were some weight supplement drink, which I am not into, but they are more like Vitamin Water and I enjoy flavored waters! Then, I was pretty surprised when I received an alert from Fedex saying I was getting a package that weighed 9 pounds! And even more surprised when I got the box and inside was EIGHT 18 fl. oz bottles of their Bai5 products in 8 different flavors!  Thus far I have tried 3 of the 8 - the lemon, clementine, and dragon fruit and by far my favorite is the clementine! Some flavors I am a little weary of, mainly because I don't really care for blueberry flavored drinks. I think it was so nice of them to send me this though and a really good marketing idea, especially if it's a newer company (which, I don't really know how long they've been around, but I had never heard of them!) What's even more crazy is that days after receiving this package, I received another Fedex alert saying I was getting another 9lb package from Bai that is expected to arrive TODAY! I don't know if there was some sort of miscommunication and two people sent out something to me or if there's an error by FedEx and I don't really have something coming, but we will see, but that would certainly be pretty awesome if I did have another package from them with 8 more flavors! ;)

Another U by Kotex Pack, Berenstain Bear book from Pinecone Research and a sample from NuturMe baby food.

I am going to Chicago for the 4th of July on Wednesday until Sunday and I decided to put a hold on my mail through the post office, mainly because I knew that I'd be getting a bunch of things in the mail, especially magazines because although I constantly get them, it seems the first of the month is usually when TONS more come all at once. Anyways, I just didn't want my mailman to shove everything in there and ruin things. Imagine the stuff I will have waiting for me on Monday! I will have to take a picture! ;)

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  1. What an awesome week of freebies! That's really neat that Bai sent you all those products to try for free. LOVE it! :)