Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mailbox Freebies: July 14-21!

Kind of a slow week - receiving them and finding new freebies, but that's okay, sometimes it happens. Some weeks are better than others! ;) Starting with a big week for "bars":
Itty Bitty sample of Wet, ha ha. Can you imagine someone actually using this in the heat of the moment? *awkward*

The Cracker Jack'd sample came from a Twitter promotion.

The coupon for a free bag of De Wafelbakkers Frozen Pancakes was something I won on Twitter for their birthday giveaway day! I was one of the first 10 to post what their #1 best seller of flavor pancakes was! I just ate one and they are pretty delicious for frozen pancakes and I am a self-proclaimed "pancake snob." ;)

I won these 3D glasses from when they were having this "every 30 minute freebie thing" going on. I ended up scoring two things - these and some pop can toppers that allow you to seal a pop can up and sip from it.... what? We're having a rummage sale in a couple weeks so...
John Frieda's shampoo & conditoner samples. Rad. I have frizzy hair.

Got this sample from Sircle Samples for 1200 points and I kind of wish I didn't waste them on this. Wah wah oh well. I don't even know what it is, some face stuff?

More Tampons! More Pads! A K-Cup from Maxwell House for our nonexistent Keurig machine (but hopefully I get into the House Party!)
And finally the Crystal Body Towelettes were from Swaggable! ;)

Oh and we can't forget the little tattoo from Nature Me!

I also was lucky to get into my first "assignement" from Purex Insiders and was able to try out their Purex Dryer Sheets. It came at a perfect time because we were out! Not only did I get one in the mail, but I have 3 coupons for FREE ones! ;) I loved this stuff and I will have a review coming up!

Then, lastly, even though it was a slow week, the next freebie made up for it! Remington Ready made a post saying they were going to have a surprise in the future. Well, I believe it was 9am on Friday or Saturday and the surprise was for the first 175 to sign up to sample a styling tool! We could put down 2 choices and they would select one for us. I ended up getting selected to get the 2" flat iron and was so excited. I haven't had a 2" flat iron in a long time and my current flat iron was on the fritz. Another perfect timing freebie! ;) I tried out this product and absolutely loved it!! It's amazing!! ;) Here is another example of being at the right place, right time. Freebies go fast and when thousands of people know a freebie is out there,  you have to act quick! ;)

Freebie Value (very rough estimates):
Quest Bars: $8.00 (Invoice including shipping)
CLIF bar: $1.50
Simply Zone Perfect Bar: $1.50
Cracker Jack'd: $2
Pancake Coupon: $3.50
Powerade Coupon: $1.00
Remington Styler: $38.00

Total: $55 (rounded & estimated)


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